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Postal and general service supervises administrative measure (Department of Tran
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The 10th postal company ought to announce the case such as the endowment cost of business of postal and general service in business place.
Postal company does not get limit of in any way or appoint an user to use some business.
Eleventh when postal company provides business of postal and general service, the format provision that make and uses, ought to with bright the content that clew user concerns shown pattern to absolve or limit postal company liability.
Dozenth postal company ought to announce an user to complain a phone to the society, provide the personnel that accepts an user to complain; To the user complain, ought to be in receive result answer user will be handled inside 30 weekday since complained day; The improves postal service opinion that offers to the user and proposal want serious research, communicate actively, try to improve.
Thirteenth postal company ought to according to " standard of postal and general service " deliver frequency of the regulation second, requirement of deepness, time limit, cogent do servive routine of good mail deliver.
The setting of the 14th post office, place and position are changed, remove and post office, place, or post office, place stops to deal with " standard of postal and general service " the business that must conduct of the regulation, ought to pass sanction of postal management department. The program of approval, condition and deadline are announced separately.

The 3rd chapter supervises an examination

The 15th postal management department supervises postal and general service to take the following form:
(one) to site of post office, place and mailbox (box) the circumstance such as compensation of quality of setting, business hours and agency business, deliver and mail time limit, inquiry undertakes be mixinged regularly nonsked evaluation, examination, report regularly;
(2) spend user satisfaction the main index that evaluates as quality of general to postal company service, entrust social intermediary orgnaization to launch service quality investigation, constituent user satisfaction spends evaluation activity, announce evaluation result to the society;
(3) build society of quality of postal and general service to control a network, invite supervisor of specially invite society, communicate the connection with broad user, listen to an user to be opposite the opinion that serves quality generally and proposal, produce the supervisory effect of the user adequately;
(4) the effect that produces the channel such as incoming letter of society of news media, consumer, user, understand in time and handle the issue in postal and general service;
(5) the other form that law, code, regulations provides.
When staff member of the 16th postal management department performs a job lawfully can exercise is the following powers and authorities of office:
(one) the unit that the inquiry is examined and relevant personnel, ask to provide relevant data;
(2) enter by site of the yard place of examination unit, production, consult, the relevant data such as archives of duplicate concerned receipt, file, record, business, seal up for keeping temporarily about original record.
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