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Method of express market control (Department of Transportation of traffic of Peo
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" method of express market control " already passed via conference of Wu of the 8th ministry on July 8, 2008, grant to announce now, apply since the day that announce.

Ministerial Li Chenglin
Two years on July 12

Method of express market control

General principles of the first chapter

The first to strengthen express market control, defend national security and public safety, protective user closes right increase, stimulative express serves healthy progress, according to " law of post of People's Republic of China " , " law of post of People's Republic of China carries out detailed rules " concern a provision with the country, make this way.
The 2nd is engaged in express managing an activity to ought to observe this way.
This the 3rd method place weighs express, it is to point to close quickly send, distribute, carry, deliver is enclosed alone, the article such as the letter that has a location and wrap up, do not need the goods that store with etc, send according to affirmatory time limit addressee or appoint a place, obtain sign after receiving sth send give a service.
Market control of the 4th express follows open, fair, just principle, the unity of stimulative express market, open, competition, orderly, contented economy society admits need.
Postal specialize in authority to get legal protection. The business that pursues express running an activity (business of express of the following abbreviation) ought to manage lawfully, honest be as good as one's word, fairness competes, provide rapid, accurate, safe, convenient express service for the user.
Organization of institute of the 5th express ought to strengthen an industry to control oneself, provide information for express business, groom the service that waits for a respect, the health that stimulative express serves develops the promotion with overall level.
Freedom of the 6th communication and communication secret get legal protection. Because national security perhaps finds out the need of crime,divide, by public security mechanism, national security office or the program that law of according to of procuratorial work mechanism sets undertakes checking to communication outside, any organize or the communication freedom that the individual must not violate other with any reason and communication secret.
Postal management department is in charge of the 7th country the supervisory management of countrywide express market.

The carriage activity of business of the 8th express ought to abide by laws and regulations of relevant carriage government, accept the supervisory government of carriage director branch.

Express of the 2nd chapter serves

Business of the 9th express offers express service to ought to abide by the service commitment that its publish, accord with " express serves " postal occupation standard.
Business of the 10th express is doing business the site is public show or announce its to serve price of phyletic, service, business hours, carry to give time limit to wait for service acceptance to the society with other way, and in formulary time introversion provincial and postal management department puts on record.
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