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Gold of maritime bureau king pays traffic Department of Transportation deputy di
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Gold of maritime bureau king pays traffic Department of Transportation deputy director general
Unscramble " sailor of People's Republic of China registers administrative measure "

At present current situation of team of our country sailor:
Our country has endless coasting and numerous Jiang He laky, the traffic on water carries the position with develop in economic society and be had significant in people production life. The sailor regards the traffic on water as carried special practitioner, its history but date from comes Qin Han period, the West below Zheng He is in human civilization Shi Hehang left brilliant historical canto on sea history.
After founding a state, our country established first ocean fleet the fifties, the shipping of inland river trunk stream such as course of coastal north and south, the Yangtse River, Pearl River develops continuously, sailor amount synchronism grows. Since reforming and opening, especially nearly 10 years, last as economy of our country countryman, development of healthy, high speed and economic globalization process are accelerated stage by stage, the height in the country takes seriously and the joint efforts of shipping group falls, development of our country sailor gained huge success. Current, gross of our country sailor already was amounted to 1.55 million, among them seagoing vessel sailor 510 thousand, crew of inland-water-ways vessel ship 1.04 million, sailor gross resides the world the first, it is the world's accepted sailor big country. Raise the shipping that maintain for the backbone with the sailor, loading our country the goods volume of 45.8% and the foreign trade of 93 % carry the mission. The sailor is development countryman economy, safeguard public safety and expand open to the outside world made enormous contribution.

" method " the setting that come on stage:
Sailor profession is the international profession of the first real significance. The sailor registers management is a system that with the whole world each shipping country conforms. On March 28, 2007, the 172nd times standing conference passed the State Council " orders of crew of People's Republic of China " , and already on September 1 become effective. " crew orders " registered the job the 4th times to give to the sailor to the 7th regulation, built a sailor to register a system. As new fundamental sex crew runs a system, " crew orders " set relatively principle, made clear system connotation, but the operation sex provision that lack implements the place in the process to need in the system, because this needs to going up a law is principle on formulary foundation, the regulations of form a complete set that makes phasing answer gives to its refine and make clear, the fundamental sex that registers a system with better play sailor governs function. For this, traffic Department of Transportation was made " method " .
" method " in normative sailor registers a system, it is to be aimed at our country's current sailor current situation and sailor profession characteristic, draw lessons from international current practice, according to " administration allows a law " concerned regulation, one when build allows a system from the administration of job seniority about the sailor, also be to pursue sailor professional the first doorsill. The sailor registered a system to set be engaged in sailor occupational asking the most basically, the age that should accord with a regulation only and healthy condition and have the safe knowledge with aboard the mainest job and operation technical ability, can apply for to register for the sailor, the sailor that get serves book, be engaged in doing not have the main job of direct connection with shipping voyage safety aboard. The sailor registered a system to differentiate the bounds of sailor profession status, namely: The citizen must register a program through the sailor, just can gain nautical profession status, just can pursue corresponding job aboard next; And no matter the post that aboard holds the position of what post, must register through the sailor above all, gain sailor status.
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