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Method of express market control (Department of Transportation of traffic of Peo
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(One) legal laws and regulations prohibits current perhaps send the goods that give;
(2) all sorts of harm state security and social politics stability and bawdy publication, propaganda paterial, presswork;
(3) article of goods of weapon, ammo, dope, biochemistry, infectivity and the dangerous article such as volatile, flammability, caustic, radioactivity, noxiousness;
(4) obstructive and communal healthful article;
(5) all sorts of current moneys;
(6) national regulation prohibits sending the other goods that give.
Business of the 18th express ought to be built and carry out strictly close send check to inspect a system. Deliver the letter that send to the user beyond express, express business ought to concern a provision according to the country on the spot check is inspected inside, enclose face to face. The user rejects check to inspect, do not grant to close send.
Express business is receiving the discovery in sending a process to national regulation prohibits sending those who give article, ought to report in time to relevant section.
Business of the 19th express is right the doubtful article that cannot decide security, ought to ask the security that issues relevant section proves the user. User cannot issue safe proof, do not grant to close send.
Express business closes when sending the goods that already issued safe proof, ought to record according to the facts receive the name that places article, norms, amount, weight, close send time, sender the content such as addressee name location, record storage life ought to not less than 1 year.
Business of the 20th express accepts a network to shop, TV shops and the operator such as mail-order entrusts those who provide express service, ought to with entrust just sign safety to ensure an agreement, sign up for provincial and postal management department to put on record.
Express business is engaged in era controlling business of payment for goods, ought to abide by a country the regulation of postal management department.
Business of the 21st express sets express handling center, ought to beforehand consult is provincial and postal management department opinion, concern formulary obligate according to the country relevant work place.

The 4th chapter controls government

The 22nd country is encouraged and guide express business to use an advanced technique, make full use of traffic carries resource, stimulative dimensions is changed, the brand is changed, network is managed.
The 23rd postal management department ought to strengthen the government that serves sudden incident to express. When the sudden event that produces influence express to serve safety and express network to move normally, postal management department starts lash-up instantly beforehand case, the basis breaks out the need that incident lash-up handles, take necessary lash-up step.
The 24th country implements system of express statistic report, express business ought to report statistical forms for reporting statistics and report to postal management department by the regulation.
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