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Gold of maritime bureau king pays traffic Department of Transportation deputy di
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It is the sailor is not registered so that repeat. From the angle of industry government, sailor of appropriate ground formulate develops policy, timely adjusting control sailor offers the concern of accord shipping requirement, moderate land promotes sailor whole quality, the amount that needs to master sailor team well and truly and distributing. Accordingly, " method " formulary sailor is not registered so that repeat, one person registers number (number of sailor service book) and lifelong and changeless, still use what the sailor that is cancelled to register applies for to register afresh register number formerly; Same person can sail in international already shipping also can sail in home shipping, can be in already seagoing vessel also can be in what inland river shipping holds a post, also be register, a number.
2 it is demarcate do sth for sb the limits that the sailor registers.
" method " will for you the sailor deals with registered agent, demarcate serves orgnaization and unit of sailor choose and employ persons for the sailor, the platoon does sth for sb besides the individual, this regulation and " crew orders " concerned regulation is conform to, can promote a sailor to serve the dimensions of business, efficiency, brand and credence.
3 it is the trends that the sailor registers should be updated in time. Classics sailor is registered, obtain a sailor to serve book, not only the personnel that affirmed the course is registered becomes nautical seniority issue, and the maintenance that solved a qualification and lose. Accordingly, " method " stipulated the sailor is registered reach its change, cancel, set maritime administration to answer trends safeguards newer crew to register record book and database, just when use,the complete, successive, safety that registers information in order to carry a crew is mixed.
4 it is the management that strengthens pair of sailors to serve book. Sailor service book is registered as course sailor, can work aboard from evidence of course of study, also account sailor is basic information and service qualifications and record of service, fulfill the circumstance such as duty circumstance, safe record, illegal record, it is to apply for sailor exam to send employ of card, sailor, sailor to hold a post aboard, executive sailor dogs necessary writ of management, it is the file that job of whole crew management has fundamental sex effect most. " method " set what the sailor serves book to sign and issue with reissue change hair, capture with revoke, correct hold and use, according to the facts the administrative item such as account and attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it, register condition with the sailor, hold a post the relevant couplet such as the circumstance.
5 it is aggrandizement ask to serving the account of qualifications and record of service on the boat. Sailor service qualifications and record of service is one of requirement that obtain eligibility qualification letter. Serve the outstanding issue with truthless qualifications and record of service to solve a sailor, " method " corresponding ground made a provision, involve a sailor to request a captain actively to fill in, the captain must fill in according to the facts the sailor holds the post of fire record, sailor to unit of choose and employ persons is recorded in time and sign up for equipment to maritime administration regularly, assume corresponding responsibility to wait as what solid fill in a form and submit it to the leadership serves qualifications and record of service.
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