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Shenzhen city Boertesi limited company of industrial automation equipment
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Boertesi limited company of industrial automation equipment is dedicated at content abortion is tasted (tool ark, workbench, goods shelves, mould wearing, file ark, spare parts ark, emery wheel wearing, storage basket) development, design and sale, with good technology and the concept of sincere letter, all sorts of reasonable other people shed perpetual plan lay off reach program of factory space program, introduce advanced Taiwan technology, device, use high grade material to match the management with science character, after service system is reached before building perfect carry out, those who won a client to agree reputably. <br>The rapid development that <br> faces domestic economy and content spread the effect with mainer and mainer in the factory management, boerte the company will plan with more professional space the requirement that design, more considerate service will come to to satisfy you, sound program, economic space, increase profit of efficiency, creation. <br><br>Our company can ask according to the client, carry on different specifications or bear the order of loading capacity. <br><br>Our company hold to <br><br>   to be begged with quality live, seek the concept of development with credit. Will go to like afterwards, do one's best with reliable quality, favourable price, sign up for new old client back and forth the deep love to our company.