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Guangxi wraps Wu of horse of luxuriant high speed paragraph be well versed in of
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In eve of National Day of card net dispatch, the group seductivelies dressed or made up in bear the Guilin that the Guangxi municipality focal point that establish builds one of projects to Wu city freeway horse river comes Wu city paragraph the longest channel —— is full-length many meters 3300 tea child be well versed in of all fronts of crural specialty channel, indicate the freeway built a Ma Wu to obtain a major breakthrough again, for next year be open to traffic of all fronts building lays next solid foundations.

The 3 controls one of sexual projects greatly tea of Ma Wu freeway child crural channel, sheet is long aggregate 6675 meters (double channel design, only channel length is many meters 3300) , belong to particularly long highway tunnel, discharge in the tunnel that builds a highway in Guangxi the 3rd. This project by in resource of Hua Ye of smelt metal group develops finite liability company bear build, contract cost 310 million yuan, time limit for a project 28 months, predict the hand over a completed project end April 2009. Ma Jiang to Wu city the freeway predicts to the roadbed, bridge, project such as channel is completed at the beginning of 2009, road surface is finished by 2009, hand in how, Electromechanical, room is built wait for project of along the line, all fronts builds be open to traffic.