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The freeway predicts 硚 filial piety start working of the end of the year
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Hunan day Metropolis Daily (reporter Mei Jun) reporter yesterday learns from bureau of Wuhan city program, wuhan city is handed in appoint declare construction 硚 filial piety formally already recently to this bureau freeway, predict the start working end this year is built. This bureau plans to be sent to this project nucleus " book of opinion of construction project optional location " , and to the society fair show.

Already built between Wuhan and filial piety feeling at present a high speed exports a way, namely highway of Chinese filial piety, result yellow Bei, pass yellow high speed of another name for Taishan Mountain, bay of Hua Chu of the area austral filial piety of city of feeling of nonstop filial piety, full-length 31 kilometers. 硚 filial piety the freeway is this year the group of city of a Wuhan that adds newly exports a way, by 硚 mouth area ancient Tian Zhixiao is felt Mao Chen is pressed down, among them Wuhan paragraph about 27 kilometers, filial piety feels paragraph of about 7 kilometers, set 0.952 kilometers A road additionally to join 107 countries. All fronts always uses ground scale 2.5 million square metre, bridge 13, culvert 13, each other general formula stands fall 6 point, investment estimation total amount is 3.8 billion yuan.

Of program branch fair show time to end this month 10 days, be in fair during showing, concerned unit or individual examine and approve what have any opinions or suggest to this project, bureau of Chinese city program mirrors Ke Xiangwu.