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Fujian - Fuzhou green mouth invests highway of Ou Yixi road, Ji Shan road, south
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1, condition of invite public bidding
Green mouth of this Fuzhou of project of invite public bidding invests highway of road of hill of Ou Yixi road, auspicious, southeast 2 period street lamp project the county develops You Minhou and already reformed bureau approval to build, person of invite public bidding invests an area to develop construction limited company for Fuzhou green mouth. The project already had requirement of invite public bidding, undertake publicity invite public bidding to the construction of this project now. ~ makes ~ state in ~ connects ~ to set ~ to use ~ network
2, project general situation and limits of invite public bidding
Project of construction of 2.1 street lamp, finance allocates funds, engineering budget cost is 2213532 yuan, already had execution condition;
2.2 project place is Fuzhou green mouth to invest highway of road of hill of Ou Yixi road, auspicious, southeast;
2.3 time limit for a project 60 calendar day.
2.4 projects quality asks to accord with (" engineering construction quality checks and accept a standard " ) acceptable standard.
3, bidder qualification reachs careful to examine way
Condition of 3.1 basic qualifications:
3.1.1 have independent corporate organization, the legal entity that has stock effect does business charter;
The city of 3.1.2 stock effect and road gaffer Cheng major contracts 3 class and above intelligence letter;
Of 3.1.3 stock effect " licence of safe production of building construction company " ;
The 2 course that 3.1.4 bidder draft to send those who hold the position of this project to build division to should have stock effect and above build division aptitude (contain create division temporarily hold job seniority certificate) (did not obtain the bidder that create division or makes case of persons qualified to teach temporarily, its qualification test will be unqualified) , and must have stock effect " safe production of personnel of building construction business management assesses certificate of conformity " (B card) , and for this unit worker, do not have assume other in build engineering construction job;
3.1.5 bidder and plan to send this project project to manage team member to propose a standard without existence Fujian [2007] 15 files set break the law violate the limits from course of study case of compasses;
3.1.6 do not belong to " bad behavior holds principal part of market of construction of the Fuzhou City reach processing way (try out) " the medium party that restricts from course of study (banyan is built [2007] 92 files) ;
The bidder that 3.1.7 every did not register inside area of administration of the Fuzhou City should be built according to banyan [2007] 110 are dealt with register put on record formalities;
The 3.1.8 concerned regulations that press file of invite public bidding are handed in bid bail is mixed already bought document of invite public bidding;
3.2 bid the applicant is being referred bid when the file, should offer a RMB to shop according to concerned regulation 10 thousand yuan bid bail.
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