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[Tianjin] littoral highway is under construction on full steam
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Tianjin seaside new developed area is major highway of seaside of infrastructure project —— was under construction on full steam a few days ago construction. This connects world-class of condition, construction to perfecting evacuation of cargoes from port of Tianjin harbor collect to hand in further big harbor, it is open, better to accelerate seaside new developed area to develop area of service annulus Bohai Sea and Chinese northward economy grow, have very great sense.

Churchyard of littoral highway Tianjin is full-length 91 kilometers, north receives pasture of Cao the wife of a prince, harbor of Na Lianhuang Hua, it is 8 horizontal strokes of “ of Tianjin seaside new developed area the main component of network of road of high speed of 4 vertical ” , by infrastructure of seaside new developed area construction invests construction of group company financing. According to the program, the project will widen transform have 45 kilometers 4 driveway are simple and easy road surface, build 46 kilometers, build large each other to connect crossroads 14, wear 40 kilometers high, double deck two-way 8 driveway, be in entirely beach is soft base on construction, total investment makes an appointment with 20 billion yuan, be well versed in of all fronts inside two years. The littoral highway after building will with 112 countries respectively with advance of pond of Beijing ferry, Beijing ferry, ferry the freeway is linked together, traffic of implementation harbor city is detached, solve car of car of pass through the territory of a country, collect evacuation of cargoes from port to be opposite thoroughly the influence problem of the city zone of center of seaside new developed area, strengthen the circumjacent province such as Tianjin and Heibei, Shandong, Beijing, Liaoning significantly city and western the traffic connection of the area.