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Traffic carries the canal promotes content of science and technology to strength
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To assure the scientific sex that safety superintends and effectiveness, branch of canal of carry of bureau of traffic of city of individual plant continent is paid attention to particularly this year introduce measures of a variety of science and technology, promote safety superintendency force. Was to build platform of safety administration short message, can be inside the fastest time, with the short message group hair manner will communicate goods of enterprise of each passenger transport, danger about safe information on the mobile phone that director of transportation enterprises, various traffic and carry canal department leads, already sent safe message first half of the year more than 3000. 2 was to build platform of GPS safe monitoring, already was in whole town appearance of fixed position of satellite of GPS of the installation on carriage car of goods of many 100 4 kinds of danger, it is OK to adopt this platform azimuth of effective monitoring car, travelling speed, carry is in charge of sectional safety spot to superintend strength to get rising apparently. Of measure of new science and technology apply, for whole town safety superintendency job provided strong support, road of town of individual plant continent carries an industry to produce responsibility safety accident 4 times in all first half of the year this year, casualties 12 people, all dropped compared to the same period 50% .