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The downshift skill in high speed travel
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General downshift is used after speed is reduced, when the driving force of engine feels insufficient. If speed falls to come again,downshift is a very easy thing, need to step on next clutch only, stir gearshift file gently cheap can. But, if the car is in high speed travel, wanting to be operated very pliably is not a very easy thing. Because the car is when high speed travel,this is, the synchronous rotate speed of gear and engine is very fast, if want facilitating downshift, gear comparing should greaten, engine there must want to turn a few rounds more, namely the gear there must choose engine to cooperate lesserly. And when clutch is loose, as a result of the car tremendous and inertial make the gear that receives transmission shaft repeatedly still rotates with higher rate, at this moment because engine turns into slow fast circumgyrate, in gear-box also slow subsequently with engine connective gear, six to one of rotate speed of both sides gear, cannot synchronous photograph join. Right now if according to normally method downshift, very difficult archives dial cheap.

Want to be changed easily reach shelf, with respect to the rotate speed that must increase engine, made immediateness transmission shaft the gear rotate speed there. The method that rise uses the time that moves empty shelves to combine clutch namely, cheer a rotate speed with raising engine for nothing, dissection clutch again next, dial gearlever cheap, combine clutch, the downshift that finish. This kind of method says to regard clutch of " double foot as law " . The program of law of this one party sums up as follows: (1) accelerator is unlocked in travel; (2) step on next clutch; (3) turn into empty shelves, put clutch; (4) cheer the door for nothing; (5) step on next clutch; (6) dial cheap; (7) put clutch and cheer at the same time.

Actually law " is in clutch of double foot of this kind of " when there is synchronized in original car gear-box, it is the skill that each drivers must master. And present car uses synchronized generally, just be necessary to use " of clutch law of " double foot when high speed downshift only so. Want downshift in travel of the high speed on the freeway especially when, if step on brake at the beginning, in case brake is ineffective can have risk, if stop a machine by cutting off the power is too effective,be afraid of last stop to undercarriage scorchs and create decline appearance again. Accordingly, borrowing engine power to fall speed with this method horary the 50 speed to 60 kilometers step on brake again the meeting is safer.