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[Zhejiang] passenger car overload may cause what hazard
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Consequence of coincidence of good luck of if not of spontaneous combustion of this passenger car wants not to have the courage to think

A nucleus carries the passenger car of 36 people, squeezed 121 people to still have a lot of baggage. Last noon 11: 08 the left and right sides, hang Jinqu high speed goes to Hangzhou exit of bridge of directional poplar flood, the coach of this Henan license plate was burned suddenly rise. After the policeman is investigated, say, because engine temperature crosses tall ignition,car spontaneous combustion is a place of strategic importance causes in a on the side plastic bucket.

How won't everybody think of, in the space inside engine cabin, fill in actually into so a plastic bucket.

At the beginning everybody still does not know who this bucket is, an old lady of more than 60 years old is taking a child of 34 years old to look for a bucket everywhere later, the baggage that the old lady just knows after the policeman enquires is this bucket that causes engine fire. The old lady says, there is her half an year to work more in the bucket saving ——— is close more than 2000 money, still have the thing such as the milk of granddaughter, she has been wrapped put in the bucket. Hear of a bucket already by burn down, the old lady cries greatly at once.

After the event handles this to have process of the fire fighting since the policeman after-thought of the accident, still feel very fear after the event.

The coach of this Henan Zhengzhou anchors suddenly at that time stop in advocate on driveway, back-to-back car end appeared big smother, gave a meter many tall flame very quickly with respect to leap up! “ spontaneous combustion! ” is in the staff member of construction of this paragraph of road surface discovered a circumstance the earliest, call the police to high speed policeman instantly.

The policeman is in 5 minutes in hurried to the spot, right now door cannot have been opened, the policeman breaks door instantly, the passenger inside one by one next. In the meantime, construction site just has water wagon of a gush, policeman and construction personnel put out the conflagration on the car together. Those who make a policeman accident is, fire had destroyed here, the person there has not gone, conjure resembles in the car same, this nucleus carries the passenger car of 36 people, many a altogether walked out of 121 people! After perfect man is counted, policeman number also frightens an a suit cold sweat to come.

And right now the driver has run, policeman investigation understands, the work person that plucks to Anhui preparation autumn from justice black and other places is in the car, have 6 children and two pregnant woman among them.

These passengers are carrying a lot of baggage mostly, arrive from the quilt basin of boiler bowl gourd ladle, still have a TV set even. Because fill in too completely really in railroad car, the driver fills in baggage in the space inside engine cabin.
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