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Marine sheet card reachs his to be on the move program
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The representative of carrier receives manifest of manifest, goods stowage graph, cent backward carry cargo of custom conduction ship enters a country formalities, give out arrival notice book to consignee, wait for haven of afore-mentioned only evidence send, tally the unit at the same time; After shipping reachs harbor, tally company by manifest tally, by discharging of guidance of goods stowage graph, produce excessive weak point when goods or when former incomplete, short sheet of excessive of work out goods or bill of damage cargo, after via mate the autograph admits, offer concerned unit.

3. Of only evidence of freight of boat of outfit, discharge be on the move program

The consignor deals with goods to consign formalities to acting company:

After 1 representative company agrees acceptance of consignment, sign and issue shipping order (S/O) , ask the consignor sends goods to designation lading place.

The shipping order that 2 consignors hold acting company to sign and issue and 2 couplet (receive shipping list) send custom to deal with exit entry. Next, shipping order and control company of indenture deliver tally.

3 representatives company takes detailed account of ground staff loading according to S/O (L/L) send ship.

The mate on 4 boats deserves to carry a plan according to goods of L/L work out (C/P) tell tally of grain company send, assemble and unassemble the company by plan lading.

5 consignors send dock storehouse goods, trade supervision and custom examine to haven during, customs examination.

After 6 goods lading, tally group leader mixes S/O receive shipping list (M/R hands in mate to check without by accident hind) , leave S/O, sign and issue receive shipping list.

The M/R that 7 tally group leader signs and issue mate hands in a consignor.

8 consignors hold M/R to pay freight to acting firm department (fall in imprest freight circumstance) extraction bill of lading (B/L) .

Examine and verify of 9 representatives company is not had by accident hind, leave M/R, sign and issue B/L to give a consignor.

10 consignors hold B/L to arrive discuss pay a bank settlement of exchange, discuss travel paying silver to mail B/L card bank.

Staff of 11 representatives company speaks carry cargo detailed account (M/F) , to custom conduction shipping exports formalities, make M/F boat have sth taken along with one.

12 representatives company speaks detailed account of carry cargo freight according to B/L carbon work out (F/M) , company of ship of deliver of carbon of along with B/L, mail or hand in a boat to take the acting company that joins port of discharging.

After the acting company of 13 port of discharging receives shipping to touch harbor cable, announcement consignee shipping arrives harbor date.

14 consignee reach a bank paid payment for goods, resumptive B/L.

The freight only card that company of representative of 15 port of discharging sends according to company of loading harbor representative, the work out imports the discharging bill such as carry cargo detailed list, the agreement assembles and unassemble company, contact berth, do 16 good land to intend the work.
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