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[Shaanxi] plate identifies a system automatically to try move
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A few days ago, by Shaanxi place of group of province high speed belongs to delay on the west, on the west treasure, Xi Wei, Xi Yu, the Western Han Dynasty 5 operation circuitry collects fees 65 times station 325 driveway license plate is automatic identify systematic building and investment tries move.

Area of work of this engineering construction is dispersedly south the central Shaanxi plain, North Shaanxi, short for Shaanxi Province area, construction job is heavy, time limit for a project is close. Group of Shaanxi province high speed transfers staff of relevant point room is specific share the work, urgent thing does urgently, special the thing does especially. During project, construction unit discharges time limit for a project, elaborate organization, across works, synchronous construction, whole advances a project to build; Inspect manage unit holds to “ quality from beginning to end the guiding principle of the first ” is not loosened, strengthen the construction control to every link, spot inspect manages, ensured project quality.

Current, shaanxi saved high speed group to had allotted the operation standard of this system software, the requirement collects fees personnel did not identify to be being mixed without card car, the vehicle that identifies plate by accident, input information of car full plate according to the requirement, assure comprehensive, accurate collect data.