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The academician suggests to accelerate Bohai Sea channel to cross sea passageway
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The channel of “ Bohai Sea that held a few days ago crosses sea passageway to develop the strategy and the influence ” high level that revitalize base of northeast old industry to annulus Bohai Sea on forum, the scholar of many 40 expert that comes from a country to concern province of ministries and commissions, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Shandong and Yantai city to concern place of courtyard of scientific research of branch and countrywide part and college, the research that propels Bohai Sea channel to cross sea passageway and construction undertook discussing.

The basic tentative idea that Bohai Sea channel crosses sea passageway task is: Use the advantageous landform of Bohai Sea channel, build highway spans with what railroad is united in wedlock the nonstop and quick passage of natural moat, communicate network of freeway of annulus Bohai Sea, railroad network and north and south of our country of vertical be linked together in the round traffic of the 10 coastal railroad that visit one town, highway is aortic, form north to go up to connect with the Eurasia bridge that traverses Russia then, fall to intersect with the line of sea of Eurasia bridge Gansu that traverses China south, form nonstop long triangle, bead the modern integrated liaison man of trigonometry and area of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan carries a system, for China coastal, northeast inferior the formation of the economic progress of the Pacific Area that reach annulus and big market creates fundamental condition.

The major strategy of base of the tremendous influence that expert, scholar crosses sea passageway to build economy of pair of region of annulus Bohai Sea and society in Bohai Sea channel, old to revitalizing northeast industry reached consensus on the meaning. The personnel attending the meeting that includes an academician inside thinks consistently, hangzhou bay crosses Hai Daqiao to reach a series of domestic and internationally crossing river the successful construction of the passageway that cross the sea and operation, for Bohai Sea channel construction of the passageway that cross the sea was offerred draw lessons from benignantly, the proposal is accelerated advance Bohai Sea channel to cross sea passageway research, strive for bring into country and place as soon as possible decision-making, among them bitter fleabane is long (a fabled abode of immortals comes long island) cross sea passageway construction to answer go ahead of the rest one pace.