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Cast 250 billion yuan 5 years to ensure " traffic start off before the others "
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The office of Fujian Province traffic that held on October 6 begins development study to carry out scientific progress to watch an activity to arouse on congress, office grows Li Dejin to announce, arrive since this year 2012, fujian traffic fixed assets invests amount to want to break through 250 billion yuan, accelerate " big haven, big channel, old other people flows " construction.

Among them, the freeway is average and annual investment is controlled 30 billion yuan, ensure course of development of be open to traffic amounted to 3235 kilometers 2012; Common highway should be advanced " year 10 thousand lis of one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight projects " , finish job of plan and construction basically 2012; Haven is average and annual investment is controlled 10 billion yuan, make two main haven reach Xiamen harbor, Fuzhou harbor haven is in the sea on the west countrywide position and action have bigger rise.

It is reported, 2012, fujian saves battalion to carry the passenger car will amount to thirty-eight thousand one hundred completely, van amounts to 163 thousand, passenger transport shipping breaks through 30 thousand guest, freight shipping breaks through 5 million carring capacity ton, grow 13% than 2008 respectively, 12% , 25% , 30% above, save all villages and towns and the organizational system village that accord with a regular bus condition to realize a regular bus basically completely, make channel on the west bank liaison man " 3 services " ability and level have bigger promotion, contented proper lead at channel society of economy of bank economy region admits need on the west.

The conference puts forward, below new condition, fujian traffic system should accelerate development, want to break through confine, want implementation to span, traffic person must break through traditional thinking to manacle, be brave in to do arms of the person at the head of a procession, pleasant to be slabstone when pioneer, brave, establish have the courage to think, dare the dry, concept that dare break through and style, want to develop on train of thought, in run on should solid, want to have practical idea when broken solution develops difficult problem, accelerate development with all one's strength, will in order to accelerate development perfect layout, extend the of great capacity on the west hinterland, continuously Hai Xiliang's nice development topological features, trend, posture is amiable situation, implementation " the sea develops on the west, traffic start off before the others " target.

"Traffic start off before the others " want body to grow pace now above all " fast " on -- traffic investment maintains continuously in higher level, fast at brotherly province; Basically develop average level of whole nation of index prep above, lay world advanced level; Growth of traffic carrying trade wants the sea on the west fast at other industry, economy of prep above countryman increases rate. "Traffic start off before the others " more important is body develops quality now " actor " on -- traffic structure is optimized continuously, energy-saving decrease a platoon to have new breakthrough, resource is managing model, the environment is friendly model traffic construction has new span.
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