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Chinas Ministry of Transport Twelve Five-Year twice during the research investme
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National Transportation Science and Technology Conference 28, held in Hangzhou. Li Shenglin, Minister of Transport at the meeting summed up the "Eleventh Five-Year" transportation science and technology work, and the "second five" work to deployment. According to reports, China's "Eleventh Five-Year" period of research into the transport sector has exceeded 100 billion yuan, "fifteen" growth of 60% or more period, the industry contribution rate of scientific and technological progress To 50%. "Twelfth Five-Year" period, China's transport sector will further increase investment in research and more than doubled. "At present, China has become the traffic in the country, but traffic is still not powerful, we must further increase the transportation industry technology innovation, and turned to technology from the science and technology make strong diplomacy," said Li Shenglin. According to reports, "Twelve Five" transportation science and technology work in China during the general idea is: adhere to the scientific development as a guide, strengthen transportation strategy for the implementation of technology, focusing on transportation construction, management of common and core technologies, Update concept, overcome challenges, build innovative platforms, improve innovation system, improve the capability of independent innovation and industry competitiveness, changes in development and speed up the development of modern transportation, construction, smooth and efficient, safe green Transportation system to provide important support. Li Shenglin stressed that "the second five," Transportation Technology Innovation should strive to achieve the "five dimensions", that is for promoting the development of comprehensive transportation system, improve the transport infrastructure for the modernization level, the promotion of modern object-oriented Flow industry, for the construction of low-carbon transport system and improve safety for emergency support capabilities. During the conference, from across the transport sector more than 10 groups and 300 scientists were cited. Participants will "highway and waterway transportation," second five "Technology Development Plan (for comments Draft) "," highway and waterway transport Education and Training "second Five Year Plan" (draft) "discussion. According to reports, the National Transportation Science and Technology Conference held every five years from the relevant state ministries and research institutes, institutions, enterprises, more than 200 delegates participated in this year's meeting.